Student officers will be elected at the fall leadership conference in 2018 and again at the Spring Competitive Events Conference in 2019.   The student officers have a host of responsibilities throughout their one-year term. They are responsible for planning the spring and fall competitive events conference, working with their school chapter, serving as advocates for high-quality public education, and more. School chapter members are eligible to run for state student officer with the recommendation of their teacher leader and other faculty leaders within their school. Our student leaders for the 2018-2019 school year are:

President: Channing Carr
Monroe County Technical Center

Channing Carr is a senior at James Monroe High School and Monroe County Technical Center. He is a member of the school’s football, cross country, track, and basketball teams. In addition to Ed Rising, Channing is also active with FCA, National Honor Society, student radio, the school newspaper, and more. After high school, Channing plans to double major in early childhood education and secondary education focusing on social studies. He is still undecided about where he will attend college.



Vice President, Matthew Morton
Fayette Institute of Technology/Fayetteville High School

Matthew Morton is a senior at Fayetteville High School. He is enrolled in the Early Childhood Education and Careers in Education programs at Fayetteville Institute of Technology. Matthew is senior class president at FHS and is involved in numerous activities with his Educators Rising chapter including Read for the Record and Santa’s Wish List. He says that in addition to becoming an educator, his goals are to increase equity in the education system for all children.




Vice President, Vanessa Morris
Ritchie County High School

Vanessa is a senior at Ritchie County High School and will be a completer in the Careers in Education program in the spring of 2019. She has also been the vice-president of her class for four years and is in National Honor Society. She plays tennis and is active in her church’s youth group. Vanessa has been on four mission trips and enjoys learning about different cultures and walks of life. Vanessa will be attending Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia where she will major in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) and receive her teaching licensure. Vanessa plans to be a worldwide missionary and teach English in nations where it is not the native tongue. Vanessa’s goal is to make education more personal and to break down language barriers for better worldwide communication.


Vice President, Claire Simmons
Buckhannon-Upshur High School


Claire is a senior at Buckhannon-Upshur High School. After graduation, she hopes to attend  West Virginia Wesleyan College and pursue a career in elementary education. Claire enjoys riding horses, music, hunting and fishing. She loves children and wants to make a difference in their lives in a positive way.





Vice President, Andrea Kirk
Ritchie County High School

Andrea Kirk is a junior at Ritchie County High School. She is a member of the basketball, volleyball, and tennis teams. Andrea is also involved with her local youth group, the iBelieve Foundation, and National Honor Society. She is currently undecided about her plans after high school, but she hopes to influence young people’s lives as much as possible throughout her future career.




State Student Officer Application Packet

State officer candidates must meet the following requirements:

    1. Be a current, active member of a local chapter, or be a prospective member Educators Rising submitting a commitment to become an active member.
    2. Currently have and maintain an academic 2.5 GPA or better based on the last grading period.
    3. Demonstrated a leadership role at the local, district or community level (leadership role –chairperson of a committee, officer of a class organization, at work or in the community).
    4. Display basic knowledge about the career and technical student organization of Educators Rising.
    5. Must not be running for State Office in any other Career and Technical Student organization.
    6. Secure support from parent(s), chapter adviser and school administrator.

To run for West Virginia Educators Rising State Student Officer, students must follow the following procedures:

Step One:
Complete the following and submit it to State Advisor by established postmark date:

  • A State Officer Candidate Application Form – must complete all parts.
  • Three letters of recommendation.
  • The designated filing fee of $5.00 (Five Dollars).

Step Two:
Individual Presentation
Organize a short talk about yourself covering the topics below (three minutes minimum, maximum of five minutes):

  • Relate why you would like to become an Educators Rising West Virginia State Officer.
  • Review your qualifications for a State Office.

Each candidate may organize a campaign booth for which space will be provided at the Fall Leadership Conference. Please try to limit the amount of money that is spent on your campaign. It is the quality of the candidate that matters most, not the amount of money spent.

Step Three:
New state officers are announced at the Fall Leadership Conference. A candidate must receive more than 50% of the amount of votes to be elected into office. Officer positions include the President and four Vice-Presidents. The president will be named by a majority of the votes. The new officers must attend the Installation Ceremony at the Closing Session that is held during the conference. Here are the expectations for dress during the installation:

Dress Code for State Officer Candidates:

  • Unless otherwise stated, officer candidates are to look professional throughout the entire conference.
  • During speeches and installation, only professional attire will be allowed.
  • Professional attire is classified as a business suit with slacks or skirt, clothing appropriate for a professional interview.
  • All jewelry (i.e., earrings, bracelets and/or necklaces) should be tasteful and kept to a minimum.
  • Nail polish should be neutral colors only.

Campaign Regulations:

  1. No campaign activities may take place prior to the opening session of the Fall Leadership Conference.
  2. Campaigns booths – Each candidate requesting space for a campaign booth will be allocated space within the campaign hall.
  3. Candidates must pay a filing fee.
  4. Campaign posters, etc. – No posters or campaign materials will be displayed outside the campaign area or on the walls, doors, etc. of the hotel.

Please make note – Candidates may be disqualified for

  • Being late to any Officer Candidate meeting may result in immediate disqualification. Candidates must be aware from the onset, that promptness is important!
  • Violation of Policies and Disciplinary Procedures.
  • Violation of Campaign Regulations.

Duties of Officers:
Newly elected officers shall assume their respective office at the close of the Fall Leadership Conference and serve throughout the school year. The terms of all chapter officers shall be for one year. All chapter officers may serve successive terms.

The president shall preside at all meetings and activities.

Vice Presidents
An appointed vice president shall preside at meetings in the absence of the president and plan state programs.

Each vice president will be assigned specific duties.

State Officer Financial Responsibilities:

As a state officer, Educators Rising West Virginia will assume most of your financial obligations including much of your travel and your conference fees. However, you will be responsible for your meals, some local travel, and other incidental expenses.

The responsibility of the State Association:
For females:

  • Expenses for room and meals while attending state-required meetings.
  • One professional outfit of clothing

For males:

  • Expenses for room and meals while attending state-required meetings.
  • One professional outfit of clothing


  • Chapters inviting state officers to appear on programs will be responsible for any expenses incurred for travel, room and/or meals.
  • One chapter visit per officer will be covered by the State Association.

State officers have many responsibilities to the organization. Some of those include:

  1. Representing Educators Rising members throughout the entire state; not just solely their school chapter.
  2. Being mindful of the image they project in appearance, speaking, manners, and attitude. You are representing the organization as well as yourself.
  3. Projecting yourself as a professional leader at all times.
  4. Developing enthusiasm for the education profession while speaking officially for WV Educators Rising.
  5. Being prepared for all activities.
  6. Attending all state, regional, and national meetings that are required of state officers.
  7. Encouraging and promoting students to join Educators Rising.

It is an honor to have a chapter member to serve as a state officer. The local chapter and chapter advisor should support and encourage the state officer in every way possible.

The chapter advisor is responsible for seeing that the state officer attends all assigned functions. This may involve providing transportation and attending planning meetings and functions with the officer. The chapter advisor should also provide necessary guidance to the officer in terms of planning and attending meetings, prioritizing Educators Rising activities with other activities, proper grooming and dress and performing all the duties of the office.

Duties of a State Officer

A state officer works as a member of the Educators Rising Leadership Team in establishing common goals and objectives as a liaison between the Educators Rising West Virginia Board of Directors and the student membership. He/she also must act as the voice of Educators Rising to those not familiar with the organization.

Description of a State Officer

A state officer is a dedicated and enthusiastic individual with motivation and integrity to represent that in which he/she believes. As a flexible member of the team, he/she accepts his/her responsibility of being a leader as well as a follower. With the personable qualities of a public relations person, the state officer plans, coordinates, executes, and controls.  To insure a successful year for Educators Rising West Virginia, a state officer should convey professionalism through commitment, attitude, skill, knowledge and style.

Responsibilities of a State Officer

  • The foremost responsibility of a state officer is to represent the Educators Rising members throughout the organization and not solely the members of one chapter.
  • The entire organization will be judged by other people’s impression of state officers. Consequently, the officer must always be mindful of the image he/she projects in appearance, speaking, manners and in attitude.
  • The officer is charged with the responsibility of projecting himself/herself as a professional student leader.
  • The officer is charged with the responsibility of developing enthusiasm whenever he/she speaks officially for Educators Rising.
  • The officer is charged with the responsibility of being prepared for all activities in advance.
  • The officer is charged with the responsibility of attending all state, regional and national meetings that relate to the office held.
  • The officer is charged with the responsibility of encouraging and promoting membership involvement in Educators Rising activities.
  • The growth of Educators Rising during any given term of office will greatly depend on the performance of the officers in fulfilling their duties and the impression he/she leaves with people who encounter Educators Rising related activities.

In addition to the list of assignments which the state officer advisor will provide, all state officers must participate in these four major activities.

Activity #1 Officers’ Training Session

The newly-elected officer must participate in the designated officers’ training session.

One site will be selected upon the recommendation of the state officer advisor. Any officer unable to participate in this activity must provide justification in writing to the Educators Rising West Virginia Board of Directors, who will decide if the student will be allowed to fulfill his/her term of office.

Activity #2 State Officer Meetings

Each officer must attend state officer meetings. These will usually take place before state meetings or at the same time and location as Educators Rising West Virginia Board of Director’s meetings. A letter of resignation to the Educators Rising West Virginia Board of Directors will be expected on the second missed meeting.

 Activity #3 State Competitive Events Conference

Your first formal appearance to the state delegation will be the State Competitive Events Conference.  State officers are expected to arrive one day early to assist with conference arrangements and preparations. Any officer unable to participate in this activity must provide justification in writing to the Educators Rising West Virginia Board of Directors, who will decide if the student will be allowed to fulfill his/her term of office.

Activity #4 Educators Rising National Conference

This will be your last official appearance as an Educators Rising West Virginia State Officer. This conference is held in various cities throughout the United States. The state officers will serve as official representatives of Educators Rising West Virginia at this conference. The primary responsibility of the state officers will be to present a workshop during the conference. Any officer unable to participate in this activity must provide justification in writing to the Educators Rising West Virginia Board of Directors, who will decide if the student will be allowed to fulfill his/her term of office.

Other Relevant Information

Appearance is an important part of the state officer’s responsibilities. When on assignment, state officers will wear the official Educators Rising West Virginia attire which will be designated by the state officer advisor. Officers are constantly in the spotlight; therefore, appearance should always be flawless.

The Educators Rising West Virginia Board of Directors understands that conflicts may arise in your schedule which could prevent you from attending an important Educators Rising activity. You may present your circumstance in writing to the Educators Rising West Virginia Board President 30 days prior to the activity for review by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors will decide what action is warranted.

State Student Officer Application Packet