Self-composure, confidence, and the ability to clearly articulate and communicate information are valuable skills for all educators. The Public Speaking Competition is designed to highlight students who demonstrate these qualities by combining thoughtful preparation and confident delivery into an interesting presentation on a current education topic.

Students participating in this competition will compose and deliver a speech of approximately 400 to 600 words (three to five minutes when spoken aloud) on the assigned topic. Contestants will be delivering their speech in front of on-site judges.

 Assigned Topic 

In 2015, the United State Department of Education released the “Equitable Access to Excellent Educators” report which provided state-level data and plans for addressing the equity gap in education. The equity gap represents differences between the rate at which students from low-income families or students of color are educated by excellent educators and the rate at which other students are educated by excellent educators. 

The report revealed that students in high-poverty and high-minority schools are disproportionately taught by inexperienced, unqualified, or out-of-field teachers. 

How can school systems better understand and make progress on advancing educational equity for underserved youth? 

More information can be found here: Public Speaking