The purpose of the Inside Our Schools Presentation Competition is to allow Educators Rising students to showcase one innovative strategy that their school or school district employs to enhance teaching and learning. The strategy must be something that the school or school district has begun to implement no earlier than 2017. The creative presentation, which will involve live presenting and a video, should appeal to anyone looking for smart ways to take teaching and learning to a higher level. This is a group competition and you can find more information at the link at the bottom of the page.

Preparation Tips

Collaborate as a team to brainstorm innovative strategies in use in your school or district. 

Do some real legwork in learning about your selected innovative strategy by talking to local leaders and conducting Internet research. 

Observe the innovative strategy in action in at least three settings. 

Use creativity and original ideas when creating your video and crafting your live presentation. 

Work collaboratively as a team, with each team member filling a specific role (ex. director, lead researcher, etc.). Highlight your experiences during observations, as well as personal opinions on best practices used by teachers, in your video. 

Have a video credits page citing any source media or permissions acquired for the use of any copyrighted material. (Educators Rising recommends avoiding copyrighted material.) 

Have a title screen including the title of your project, competition name, school name, city, and state. 

Obtain the necessary permission from all students and teachers who appear in the video. 

Preview your final video to ensure that the sound quality is good and that video playback is smooth. 

Competition Guidelines

The video must be no shorter than three minutes and no longer than five minutes. Points will be deducted for videos that are shorter than the minimum length or longer than the maximum. 

The video must showcase one innovative strategy that the participating team’s school or school district employs to enhance teaching and learning. 

The video must include the competition name and title of project. It must also include name of the school, city, and state in the opening credits (Example: This message was brought to you by Kirkwood High School’s Educators Rising program in Bloomington, IN). 

In the video, all source media (music,images or video clips not originally filmed by the student competitors) must be cited in video credits and may not violate any copyright. 

By submitting a video for this Educators Rising national competition, the competitor assumes full responsibility for securing all required, documented consent from persons appearing in the video, or their legal parents/ guardians if they are under the age of 18. 

Competitors must also bring their video to the competition site, saved in .mp4 format, on a USB drive. 

Oral Presentation

At the Educators Rising National Conference, no less than two and no more than four representatives from each participating school program will make an oral presentation to a panel of judges. During the presentation, team members will have up to five minutes to introduce their video and to provide description and context. Students will then play the video for the judges. The entire presentation to judges (oral presentation and video) will last no more than 10 minutes. 

Professional presentation skills are encouraged.

Following the presentation and the video, the judges will have up to five minutes to ask questions to team members. 

Inside Our Schools