Poise, self-confidence, and the ability to use effective oral communication skills while under pressure are valuable qualities of all educators. This competition is designed to recognize students who demonstrate these qualities by combining clear thinking and conversational speaking into a coherent presentation on a current education-related topic.

In this competition, students are given a topic and ten minutes to prepare a speech and deliver it to a panel of judges.

Competition Guidelines

One 4×6-inch index card will be given to each contestant during the preparation time and may be used during the presentation. Contestants may write notes on both sides of the index card. 

Preparation must be done solely by the contestant. Teacher leaders or others may not assist during preparation or presentation. 

Each presentation is to be a minimum of two minutes and a maximum of four minutes. A time-keeper will record the time used by each contestant, noting deductions of three points for each full half-minute (30 seconds) over the four-minute maximum or under the two-minute minimum. In order to adhere to the competition schedule, the judges will stop any speech that exceeds five minutes. Contestants will receive a visual, non- verbal indication that there is one minute remaining when they reach the three-minute mark of their speeches. 

All contestants will receive and speak on the same topic. The topic will be related to a current, education-related issue. 

The contestant will have 10 minutes to prepare his or her speech. 

A lectern may/may not be available for the presentation. No microphone will be available. 

Students may not share the topic with anyone after completing the speech. 

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Impromptu Speaking