When most people hear the word “teacher,” they think of an educator in a classroom leading a lesson on English language arts, math, science, or social studies. However, these core subjects are only a few of the career opportunities for creative teachers. This competition offers students the opportunity to shadow and learn from highly skilled educators whose work takes place outside the core subjects.

Some examples of non-core-subject teachers include: agriculture, bookkeeping, accounting, business, cooperative education, health education, health occupations, family and consumer sciences, technology education, marketing education, trades and industry, computer science, driver education, journalism, outdoor education, physical education, psychology, sociology, speech, business data/processing, and library science.

Interested Educators Rising students will select one host teacher that works in their state and will receive permission from the professional to job shadow him/her for a total of eight hours. The eight hours are not expected to be consecutive; rather they are accumulated over a period of several days or weeks and occur when the host teacher is actively engaged in his/her work.

Contestants will complete and submit when registering for the competition, the following two career exploration documents:
Host Teacher Verification Form
Interview Form

Contestants will also create a PowerPoint or Prezi presentation no shorter than five minutes and no longer than seven minutes that will be presented on-site to a panel of judges, followed by a discussion featuring questions from the judges.

More details are found below:

Exploring Non Core Teaching