Successful operation of an education institution requires competent administration. Administrators provide direction, leadership, and day-to-day management of educational activities in schools and other education institutions. The purpose of this competition is to learn more about education administration careers through job shadowing and interviewing a current education administrator.

Some common education administration jobs include the following:
School Principal
Assistant Principal
District Superintendent
School District Administrator
College/University Administrator

Contestants will select one education administrator that works within their school district or local college or university and will receive permission from the administrator to job shadow him/her for a total of eight hours. The eight hours are not expected to be consecutive; rather they are accumulated over a period of several days or weeks and occur when the administrator is actively engaged in his/her work.

Contestants will complete and submit when registering for the competition, the following two career exploration
Interview Form
Administrator’s Verification Form

Contestants will also create a PowerPoint or Prezi presentation no shorter than five minutes and no longer than seven minutes that will be presented on-site to a panel of judges, followed by a discussion featuring questions from judges.

More details can be found below:
Exploring Education Administration