The Educators Rising Moment Competition is an individual speaking competition and gives students the chance to articulate why they aim to pursue a career in education. See the link below for detailed information, including the scoring rubric.

Competition Guidelines

  1. The speech must be about the speaker’s personal experience that illustrates the power of being an educator. Being specific— as opposed to depending on clichés or broad statements — in sharing your story is very important. 

2. Speech should be original, creative and capture the audience’s attention. 

3. Each presentation is to be a minimum of three minutes and a maximum of four minutes. 

4. One judge will also serve as time-keeper. Speakers will receive a visual, non-verbal indication that there is one-minute remaining when they reach the three-minute mark of their speeches. 

5. Speakers may use up to five 4×6-inch index cards while presenting. Only one side of each card may be used. 

6. A lectern and microphone will be available for the presentation. 

Educators Rising Moment